(I Find Myself Surrounded By) The Lunatics of Acid House

Klaus Blatter

Released: 28 June 2019

single: SBEST245D

Description & tracklisting

Klaus Blatter is an enigma. The Dortmund native has been a pivotal influence on the development of electronic music, but has received little recognition for his work. He’s been the catalyst for key events that changed music history, but his name is absent from the history books. His enthusiastic acolytes call him a pioneer. His detractors claim he’s a charlatan and a fantasist.

Now, after years in the wilderness, Klaus is back. At the instigation of House music legend and old acquaintance Danny Rampling, he’s teamed up with Croatian producer Novak Spormento to record an acid House album that will surely focus minds onto his past trailblazing. His tales of love, loss and hedonism are set to strike a chord with anybody involved in acid house culture at any time over the past 30 years.

The first comeback single, ‘(I Find Myself Surrounded By) The Lunatics Of Acid House’, finds Klaus recounting an all-too-familiar story to some. Setting off for work in the morning, he had good intentions — “I only want to do a hard day’s work and then go home to my spouse”. But a couple of drinks after work leads to him ending up in “an awful state”, and before he knows it he’s in a nightclub “surrounded by the lunatics of acid house”.

A tale of misadventure and excess, set to a mind melting barrage of Acid House!


Club Support

Laurent Garnier  – “Fuuuuck man. THIS HUUUUUGE. LooooOOOve it so much. Will play it straight away tonight”
Tini Gessler – “Top!!!!”
Sleepy Tom  – “Great vocals!”
Erick Morillo – “5/5”
Rebuke  – “Deadly”
Digitaria / TERR  – “Wow!!!! Love it!!!!”
Ben / OC & Verde  – “Tasty”
Joris Delacroix  – “Cool!”
Rhythm Masters  – “Best record I have ever heard”
Nd_Baumecker (Berghain) – “This is actually funny”
From Hot Since 82 – “I like this acid record a lot! It’s one you could sneak in at 4am at DC10 and really mess with people’s heads!”

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