Love Is Alive

Various Artists

Released: 4 December 2006

single: SBEST35

Description & tracklisting

Music, of all the expressions of art, has influenced the personality of Cuba most deeply, it has long been said that Cubans sing when they speak, dance when they walk and woo with a love song. It should be of little surprise then that funk-pop visionaries The Cuban Brothers’ peerless blend of funk, soul and sensational dancing should be so riotously infectious.

With their debut single ‘A Million Stories’ already considered a classic, The Cuban Brothers are laying bare their sensitive side with latest single ‘Love Is Alive,’ one of the many highlights of their live set.  And this time Havana’s finest have surpassed themselves, with a slice of gilt-edged pop perfection, reminiscent of Stevie Wonder’s timeless Talking Book era.  The single’s remixes translate the Cuban’s appeal for every eventuality, giving ‘Love Is Alive’ a host of new dimensions.  Bent’s eclectic, electronic cool takes the track deeper into late night dance floor territory, Freelance Hellraiser’s cut ‘n’ paste aesthetic adds a glitchy groove, whilst Sunday Best secret weapon Mr. Whelk gives the Cuban Brothers a laid back Lounge-core make-over.

In March of this year The Cuban Brothers released the acclaimed and awe inspiring ‘A to Z: The Cuban Brothers’ compilation, an alphabetised celebration of the vast array of legendary influences that give the Brothers their unique perspective. Featuring tracks spanning five decades, their A to Z reads more like a musical bible than a track listing, featuring their own original material and taking in acts as diverse as Imagination, Ozomatli and the Yellow Magic Orchestra.

Miguel, Archerio, Clemente and Kengo San’s contagious comic repartee and passionate attitude towards performing never fails to dazzle.  They’ve gained an army of admirers touring the world with their spectacular live act, presented television shows for MTV and Channel 4 and stolen the show at Manumission’s 10th birthday.  As well as hosting award ceremonies for the likes of the NME and MTV, provided moments of comical genius compering Bestival and supplied the entertainment at parties for David Hasslehoff, Robbie Williams, Elton John, Damien Hirst and Richard Branson.

Bringing their inevitable world domination a step closer to fruition, The Cuban Brother’s ‘Love Is Alive’ is released by Sunday Best on the 4th December. Viva la musica Cubana!

A1. Original version

A2. The Freelance Hellraiser's 'No Added Sugar' remix

B1. Bent's 'Leather Chap' remix

B2. Mr Whelk's 'Extended Poolside' remix

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