The Number One Song In Heaven / Play Dead


Released: 7 November 2005

single: SBEST/S30

Description & tracklisting

Their debut double AA single ‘The Number One Song In Heaven / Play Dead’ sees Howdi take on Sparks’ classic ‘The Number One Song In Heaven’.
Before you even dignify it with a comparison -forget the sonic abortion/mutilation that is British Whale – ‘Number One Song In Heaven’ is defiantly the best Sparks cover you will hear this year – Perfectly joining the dots between too cool for school and mental Euro-House smash…It is bold, brave and wonderful.

Its joined here by ‘Play Dead’, which in extended dub format takes Howdi out onto the dancefloor, and the 7″ edit which will magnetize even the most frigid of FM dials. Put purely and simply… Two of the catchiest, hum-able, danceable ditties you will hear over the coming months.

SBEST30 - 12"

A. The Number One Song In Heaven

AA. Play Dead (dub)

SBESTS30 - 7"

A. The Number One Song In Heaven (7" edit)

AA. Play Dead

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