Boomclick are Sam Johnson, Rui Teimao and Paul Burnley, a group of musicians (and occasional DJs) with over a decade’s musical tom-foolery in house, techno, drum ‘n’ bass, reggae, hip-hop, indie and r ‘n’ b (pre-bling, of course) between them. Rui tells us more:  “Boomclick is all about evoking the musical influences we were exposed to growing up in the rave scene. We want to create a space in which everyone listening can find a corner that is their own.”     Their first promo-only release, a 3 tracker elicited much praised and was followed up the the excellent ‘Homegrown’ which certainly infuses many of those genres that Boomclick sucked on whilst at mother rave’s nipple.  Over to Boomclick bandmember Rui “The band had been playing through the night but hadn’t got much to show for it.  I went out for a break and looking up at the full moon it hit me – sometimes you see things clearer the further away you are. I thought how the first man on the moon saw what the world is really like: so much more than just the sum of its parts. ‘Homegrown’ is about trying to apply that clarity of vision to a whole life.” Complementing the hazy aroma of the original are some top-draw remixes. The Rules (aka Mr Dan) drops an old skool trip-house remix where Bingi’s vocals are looped and swathed in studio-fog whilst Sasha protégé James Zabiela sprinkles some of Southampton’s finest onto the track turning it into a lolloping deep-breaks groover reminiscent of classic Leftfield.

“We make a familiar sound that’s new but not incomparable”, muses Rui, “It’s music made with cutting edge equipment yet which has a strong song-writing element.  We’re only interested in producing music that has longevity.” Live, Boomclick fuse the dub pyrotechnics of Massive Attack with the rawk spirit of Led Zeppelin. Back to Rui: “We may not go out clubbing as much as we used to but we’re not quite ready for pipe & slippers yet.”.