So Many Colours / So Little Time

Sportsday Megaphone

Released: 29 September 2008

album: SBESTCD27

Description & tracklisting

Bursting forth in 3 minute volleys of electro-pop and synth-punk, Sportsday Megaphone releases the debut album SO MANY COLOURS / SO LITTLE TIME on 29th September on Sunday Best.

An incorrigible romantic, ‘Sportsday’ tries out naive pick-up techniques on I Think Its Love and gloriously indecisive notions of lust on Meet Me In The Middle. There are pleas for greater self-esteem (Less & Less), odes to unusual hobbies (Adventures After Hours), and gentle embraces of ambient Casio instrumental – musical self-help guides for 21st Century youth.

But amidst the personal sentiment and universal themes, are broader untapped questions of humanity; the draw of Scientology (LA), the true nature and price of reconciliation (Bikini Atol), the cumulative weight of memory (Body Fat), and onBlack Plastic, the gaps between the world we see and the reality we miss.

CD & Download

1. Song For The Owls

2. For Better For Worse

3. I Think It's Love

4. Meet Me In The Middle

5. Carrying The Years

6. Adventures After Hours

7. LA

8. Black Plastic

9. What's There To Be Afraid Of?

10.Doughnut Ghost Theme

11.Less & Less

12.YO YO Loveboats!

13.Bikini Atol

14.Body Fat

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